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Too School For Cool

I was listening to one of my  favorite pop artists Pink and a line from the song stood out to me. The line was "If you're too school for cool and you're treated like a fool, raise your glass." This sang to me celebrate that you are different. Celebrate that fact that you like to study and enjoy school. This song also inspired me to create a support group for kids who have experienced bullying this fall. The group of course has been titled Too School For Cool. Feel free to let me know what the lyrics mean to you.

May a Busy Awareness Month

I have realized that May is a busy month
for awareness. Nurses and Educators  Appreciation week was this month. I took the time to let the nurses and educators I know, how greatful I am for their service. In  the upcoming week we have millitary and police officer appreciation. I have many friends and family both in the armed forces and on the police force. I am thankful for those who have chosen to take on the difficult job of protecting the rest of  us. Also May is Mental Health and Lupus Awareness Month.

Mental Health Awarness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness month. I'm excited to be a part of those assisting others with improving their knowledge about ways to improve mental health. My Positive Self Image Group for girls that will begin this June is just one way to help improve the mental health of youth in the community. I recommend taking a look at the NAMI  (National Alliance on Mental Illness) websitewww.nami.orgfor information on family support groups. I will also be posting information on my facebook page
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